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What would you like to do in the heart of Piedmont?
I'm sure that when you see the long list of activities and events to participate in you will be amazed!
Choose between: Excursions, Workshops, Guided Tours, Traditional Festivals and Festivals, Events and Sports.

At AMY B&B, we offer you a range of opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture, history and flavors of this fascinating region. Beyond the comfortable retreat we offer our guests, there is a vibrant world of activities and experiences waiting to be discovered: Visit to the Vercelli rice fields, tasting of Piedmont wines, walks through the Monferrato vineyards, meditation and yoga events.

From EVENTS organized directly in the facility to unforgettable EXPERIENCES partnered with local experts, we have curated a range of options that will allow you to completely immerse yourself in the cultural and landscape fabric of our territory, also passing through moments of psycho-physical well-being.


Piedmont and its beauties

A trip to the heart of Piedmont is truly for everyone: perfect for a romantic weekend, for the family looking for fun and relaxation, for the curious traveler who wants to discover a new flat area but with Monterosa in the background.

Here the still intact nature of the rice fields offers a showcase of unmistakable landscapes, where the gaze starts from the mountains, glimpses the hills and ends up on the wonderful views of the plain.

In our village life still flows slowly, even if it is a few kilometers from the city.
Walking through the streets you will find the shops, you will meet the farmers, you will taste the typical traditional flavors and you will rest in a very sweet regenerating silence.

History and Ancient Traditions

AMY B&B is located in the historic center of Asigliano, a small historic town in the lower Vercelli area, famous for its very old and traditional Ox Race.

A vow that is dissolved every year, every second Sunday of May, in honor of the Patron Saint, San Vittore.

The popular rumor says that a local plague in 1436 brought death and desolation in the town; its desperate inhabitants asked the patron Saint Vittore for mercy with the promise to make the slowest animals, the oxen, run as a sign of joy and gratitude.


The Saint answered the prayers and the plague ceased. Since then every year on the second Sunday of May,four pairs of oxen, led by young charioteers, run along a stretch (about 300 meters) of viale Garibaldi.

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Yoga Retreat

Amy B&B hosts retreats dedicated to psycho-physical well-being and personal growth.

Participants have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a series of restorative activities, including yoga sessions, guided meditations, healing writing workshops and Chakra meetings.

Each day is designed to encourage connection with oneself and the surrounding nature, offering an experience of relaxation and renewal.

A perfect opportunity to rediscover your inner balance and build meaningful relationships with the other participants.


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Thousands of years of evolution, technology and progress and in the end the sunset remains the most beautiful thing of all.

Gianluca Gotto

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