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A Letter to All My Future Guests

Hello, I am Rossella.

A woman, mother, wife, entrepreneur, and host.

I have never wanted to define myself with just one adjective. I try to approach life with lightness and positivity, as I am a curious and cheerful person.

Luckily, these qualities have found a way to be essential in my work.

For years, I have been involved in wedding planning, and along the way, I have met many people, including some truly fantastic ones, and I have learned that magic can be created out of nothing with passion and communication.

I am originally from Campania and grew up in a small village in Vercelli called Asigliano.

Even though I have always traveled to discover the whole of Italy in my free time, my roots are now here. I could walk these streets with my eyes closed, and I could talk for hours and tell you all about the characteristics that make this province truly special.

Now that you know a little more about me, you will understand why AMY was born.

A B&B was a hidden dream in the deep corner of a drawer. I have always loved welcoming friends and family into my home.

Then I thought: "What if there was a way to combine the desire for hospitality and an appreciation for beauty? To exchange experiences, paths, and ideas, and to show the beauties of Piemonte through my eyes?"

AMY is not just a B&B; it is a home reserved for you, but with all the care and comforts of a B&B.

I wanted to furnish it in a particular and unusual way, with space not only for beauty but also for the comforts that one may appreciate during their stay. I have taken care of every detail, and I am thrilled that the final result is just as I imagined it.

Amy is a free space, a bit bohemian, dedicated to all travelers, Italian and foreign, who travel to explore nature, spend time with family, reach other destinations, or work.

I have chosen not to have self-check-in. For me, it is all part of the experience that this B&B can offer you. A four-digit code can never replace the warm welcome and hospitality that I hold dear. I want to meet you in person, have a chat, and show you the rooms and the little gems of the house.

The doors of AMY B&B Casetta di Charme are open.

I am here, and I can't wait to hear your story.

See you soon,



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