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Yoga retreat

girls do yoga in nature
relaxation techniques

An event that sees 6 women gathered in the peace of a relaxing structure, between smiles, reading , meditation, nature, balance , calm, hugs and sharing .

What does the retreat include?

The meeting is scheduled for Saturday morning.

From that moment everything will flow calmly, we will have time to introduce ourselves and get to know each other , to have lunch together, relax and walk towards well-being in a place surrounded by nature.

During the day there will be moments of meditation , as well as yoga, but also reading and learning about everything that makes these themes magical.

We will learn relaxation techniques , ideal before falling asleep and we will always do it together , all together.

We will sleep in our B&B and the next day we will be able to reap the fruits of the relaxation achieved, we will do gymnastics in the coolest hours of the morning, we will nourish our body, mind and spirit with a delicious breakfast and the experience will end with a real pampering for all of us .

yoga retreat in Piedmont
yoga in vercelli

Why did I want to organize a retreat?

Meditation is a practice that I recently approached and I fell in love with it .

Just as everything that is energy fascinates me . balance, well-being , calm and serenity .

I decided I wanted to host Yoga & Meditation professionals , who want to share all their knowledge to help people like me who are attracted to these disciplines, by the word " Chakra ", by essential oils and relaxing massages .

A female experience
to find balance



At AMY B&B, among its external and internal spaces, in its rooms, with bed and breakfast and then in a special natural setting.



Yoga, Meditation, Reading, Sharing, Pilates, Gratitude and many activities to find balance.


How much

Two days, one night, in a triple room, shared with the other participants, starting from 10.00 on Saturday to 12.00 on Sunday.



From Saturday 18 May from 10am to Sunday 19 May until approximately 12pm. It is also possible to participate only on Saturday, upon request.


For who

For you who want to relax, take time for yourself, slow down your pace, learn to breathe and follow your breathing.



You too deserve time to dedicate to yourself, to break away from routine, to meet people who are similar to you and your passions

For details, information and prices



10.00 am Arrival and registration

Introductory Circle and Welcome Ceremony
Sharing and reading


Excursion, Meditation and Yoga in nature
Sharing and reading

Free time

Insights into the Chakras


Sleep ritual



Muscle awakening and Pilates

Sharing and reading

Journaling and Closing Ceremony

12.00 Final greetings

For details, information and prices

It's not selfish to do something that makes you feel good.
Sometimes if you don't take care of yourself, no one will.

Gianluca Gotto, writer and traveler

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