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A Two-Wheeled Adventure in Vercelli, Among Rice Fields and Wine Routes

Cycling is a beautiful sport, just look at the increasing number of people who consider it their favorite sport. Could it be a sign that bicycles make us happy?

The simple reason is that cycling is more than just a sport: it's a social activity, it's good for mental health, but above all, it gives you the opportunity to explore new experiences and live new adventures.

All of us, from time to time, need to unplug and take a few days away from technology and the dynamics of daily life, a few days to breathe freely and feel in touch with nature and the environment.

Cycling enthusiasts are always looking for the next destination to visit, and the Piemonte region has a lot to offer, as does the province of Vercelli.

The green countryside, the strategic location, the good food, and the excellent wine make this province the perfect destination for sustainable tourism and new adventures.

And speaking of adventures, cycling in Vercelli is one of the most fun ways to get to know this part of Piemonte better, whether it's the peaceful appreciation of a panoramic view or the exhilaration of a fast descent, or enjoying a good coffee and a nice chat after the ride with fellow cyclists and locals.

For all of you who can't wait to enjoy an active vacation, we have some suggestions for organizing a tour of an unforgettable landscape.

Our AMY B&B Casetta di Charme is located in the historic center of Asigliano Vercellese, just a few kilometers from the starting point of most tours.

After a comfortable and peaceful night's sleep in one of our rooms, the day begins with a breakfast of champions, and you get ready for the cycling adventure: there are plenty of options for every level of difficulty and physical preparation.

One of the most suitable choices for a first ride is the Natural Park of Sorti and Partecipanza di Trino, where along the way you can see the 19 bridges and the Principality of Lucedio.

Another not-very challenging route is certainly the one along the Sesia River, just a few kilometers from the starting point.

If you feel ready for a slightly more challenging ride, accompanied by breathtaking scenery, then we recommend the route from Santhià to Lake Viverone, which takes less than three hours.

The list can go on indefinitely, but one thing is certain, every itinerary will be magical among the rice fields and wine routes.

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