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Travel to Piemonte: Visit Vercelli

Piedmont is a precious treasure box full of surprises.

If you're wondering "What to do in Piemonte?" There's a pretty good answer and I'll give it to you!

Whichever direction you choose to go, you will find villages, cities, museums, natural landscapes, and many outings to do.

Among all of them, there is Vercelli: the capital of Rice.

Our city is located right among the rice fields, those rich in history and stories to tell, such as those of the mondines, the seasonal workers of the rice fields, made famous by the old noir cinema movie "Bitter Rice".

Although Vercelli is not yet considered one of the major tourist attractions of Northern Italy, like the most beautiful Italian cities to visit, on its own it has a lot to offer at a slow and relaxing pace.

Vercelli is a city of art, the Synagogue, the Dome, and the Cathedral will amaze you, and its center will welcome you in a small but characteristic square surrounded by buildings.

You will hardly forget the beauty of a coffee served together with the typical Bicciolani biscuits, sipped in the sun-kissed Cavour Square.

And finally, Vercelli has a great advantage envied by many other locations: its strategic position.

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