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Taste and Photography in the Land of Rice: Two Experiences Not to Be Missed

When I dreamed and imagined turning my home into a B&B, I wanted it to be anything but ordinary. I wanted to offer something that couldn't easily be replaced.

We already know that comfortable and beautifully decorated accommodations can be found anywhere (or almost anywhere). What would be that factor that would give my little house added value?

Suddenly, I had all the ideas clear in my mind. Everything had already taken shape.

Let's fast forward a bit in time. Now, as I'm writing this article, I'm sitting at the desk of my little house, which has recently opened and is named AMY, after my son. I look around and it's just as I imagined it. There has been hard work behind it in the span of a few months, but now I can finally enjoy it. The ambiance, the decorations, and the colors tell a bit about me, my character, and my hospitality.

Asigliano Vercellese is located in a partly unexplored territory.

All the tourists who choose to visit our area have a genuine curiosity to get to know the province of Vercelli better, and they are certainly true lovers of nature, greenery, peace, good food, and wine.

So, I thought about how to get more involved and offer not only my home but also my passions and experiences to provide you with unforgettable days.

I started working on the special experiences that you can find at AMY B&B Casetta di Charme.

These incredible experiences will allow you to deeply know the territory and local culture.

The first one is a Home Cooking experience, where you will be taught how to cook delicious risotto, the culinary specialty of this province. During this experience, you will use locally produced rice, straight from the rice fields of Vercelli. This will allow you to get to know and appreciate the local products and their importance in the culture and economy of the area.

Together with me, Rossella, you will learn all the necessary techniques to cook a perfect risotto, from choosing the rice and its varieties to the cooking process. This experience is perfect for those who want to learn the secrets of the Italian cuisine of the area and take home a new recipe to make their family and friends happy. (Click here to learn all the details of this experience)

To accompany the risotto, nothing is better than a good wine produced in Monferrato, an area known for the production of famous wines such as Barbera, Grignolino, and Dolcetto.

Monferrato is not only a realm for wines but also a charming place to visit, with its gentle hills dotted with vineyards and picturesque ancient villages.

The second experience offered by the B&B is a photographic tour in nature, among the rice fields of Vercelli, which will allow you to discover the beauty of the region through the camera lens. During the tour, you can capture glimpses and natural details of the area and deepen your knowledge of the partly unexplored territory.

We will walk among the rice fields of Vercelli, where you can discover the secrets of rice cultivation and rural life in the area. The experience is perfect for those who love photography and want to explore the natural beauty of the region.

In both experiences offered by AMY B&B Casetta di Charme, you will have the opportunity to discover the local culture and traditions and immerse yourself completely in the life of the area. Whether you choose to participate in the Home Cooking experience or the photographic tour, you will take home new things and unforgettable memories.

With spring around the corner and meadows in bloom, it's the perfect time to book your visit.


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