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Between Vineyards and Rice Fields: The Delicacies of Piemonte

In addition to its artistic beauty, the Piemonte is renowned for two things: wine and rice. In these magical places, you can immerse yourself in ancient times, reliving history through old and fascinating traditions. But let's see why we should visit these places, what they have to offer, and what we shouldn't miss.

Between Vercelli and Novara, rice takes over: here, many varieties of rice are cultivated, which make up about 50% of Italy's rice production, a unique cultural heritage in Europe. The perfect time to visit is from April to May: during this period, the fields are flooded to grow rice, creating impressive water mirrors that reflect the blue sky and passing clouds. This suggestive spectacle has earned the rice fields the name of "chessboard sea": romantic, isn't it?

From June onwards, the spectacle is no less impressive: water gives way to vast expanses of lush green grass, reminiscent of the English countryside. Then in autumn, the fields turn golden: if you visit them during this season, you must treat yourself to a steaming plate of risotto (if you're not particularly picky, you can try the one with frogs, a specialty of these areas, but there's something for every taste).

But we can't talk about risotto without pairing it with good wine, right? Just a few kilometers by car will take you to the kingdom of wine: Monferrato. Barbera, Grignolino, Dolcetto... many famous wines that you have surely tasted during a dinner with friends are produced in this area, which has nothing to envy to the more renowned Tuscany. If you're curious to learn more about how wine is produced, many wineries organize tours and will be happy to satisfy your curiosity, telling you about the oenological history of Piedmont, revealing the secrets behind the production processes, teaching you how to distinguish the various characteristics of wines and giving you some tips on how to taste them at their best. But Monferrato is not only about wine: it's worth spending a weekend strolling through its gentle hills dotted with vineyards, admiring the old farmhouses, and stopping in some picturesque ancient village.

The rice fields of Vercelli and the hills of Monferrato are not to be missed, perfect for a weekend getaway to relax in the tranquility of nature, indulge in food and wine tours to discover all the secrets of the wine and rice of Piemonte, and savor delicious food and fine wines.

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