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The Piemonte: Between Art, History, Nature, and Fine Wine

The Piemonte may not be the most famous region in Italy for tourism, yet it hides precious treasures: marvelous art cities, gentle hills adorned with vineyards, spectacular mountains, and timeless medieval villages. Piemonte is a fascinating place, rich in culture and natural wonders - there's something for everyone, you just need to know where to look. In this article, I will try to introduce you to some of its beauties.

One cannot start without mentioning Turin, the region’s principal city and former capital of Italy. Lose yourself among its historic palaces, royal places, ancient cafes, and squares that tell the story of Italy - you won't be disappointed. Of course, don't forget the Mole Antonelliana and San Carlo Square, symbols of the city, majestic monuments steeped in history.

Other essential stops are the museums: the prestigious Egyptian Museum, second only to the one in Cairo in terms of the richness of its collection, and the Cinema Museum, a unique place where you can relive the history of the seventh art.

Looking beyond the skyline of Turin, the imposing and sublime mountain chains of the Alps dominate. Just a few hours' drives will take you to enchanted places, perfect for trekking enthusiasts. We can mention the Alpe Devero, one of the most suggestive mountain destinations, with its crystalline lakes (Lake of Fairies and Lake of Witches) that will make you breathe a simply magical atmosphere.

Heading a little further down, one cannot talk about the Piemonte territory without mentioning the Monferrato area, famous for its gentle hills and above all for the prestigious wine produced here. A weekend among these hills, perhaps accompanied by a guided tour of the wineries to discover all the secrets of winemaking, not forgetting the tastings, will make you completely relax.

If you want to combine history and nature in your vacation, Piemonte is the place for you, with its medieval villages and royal palaces immersed in breathtaking landscapes. For example, the village of San Giulio is located on a small and picturesque island emerging from Lake Orta. Or let's not forget the sumptuous Borromean Islands, treasures of Lake Maggiore, with their rich vegetation and splendid palaces.

If you want to spend a weekend of peace and relaxation without neglecting history and culture, Piemonte is the ultimate destination.

I would like to list a thousand other places that deserve to be visited, but it would take me too long- we will have the opportunity to discover them in upcoming articles.

In any case, Piemonte is here waiting for you, ready to welcome you with its spectacular beauties.

If you are looking for an oasis of relaxation that allows you to reach all the wonders I have talked about, our Bed and Breakfast is the perfect place. It is located in Asigliano Vercellese: a strategic location from which you can easily reach the Asti area to enjoy its exquisite wines, have the magnificent Turin at your fingertips and take a trip to the beautiful Lake Orta.

Art, culture, nature, wine... what more could you ask for?

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